Thanks to our experience in lawn painting, we can restore your lawn to its former glory! 

Let's fight together against water wastage.

A responsible gesture for our planet, for the future.

A money-saver that's unbeatable in times of inflation!

Enhance your outdoor spaces while saving water. To keep your lawn green during dry spells, we recommend a daily watering of at least 5 litres per m². For a 500 m² lawn, watering for a month costs 75,000 litres. For the same result, we use just 60 litres of water!

Made from algae and water, our paint is completely harmless to humans, animals and nature. It is biodegradable and its colouring is immediate and long-lasting (6 to 10 weeks).

Ideal for use under water restriction policies, our lawn paint is resistant to rain and traffic.

Lawn paint gives your lawn a natural look, especially during periods of drought, winter dormancy, fertiliser deficiency, treatment incidents and fungal diseases.

They're counting on us today:

Estate agents, hotels and restaurants, the events and film industry, sports facilities, amusement parks, businesses, châteaux and estates, municipal green space departments and many more...

DP Garden, Garden contractor, specailist reasoned pruning & Leader in lawn painting on the Belgian and Luxembourgian market.